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1.C.N.C (C.N.C Milling & C.N.C Turning)


(Computer Numerical Control )In the fast growing mechanical industry, The computer numerical control(CNC) is the latest advanced technology. In the Past 20 years The Person's Who have a good Knowledge and Experience in C.N.C are have a fast growrh in their life. Most of the Manufacturing industries are presently involves themselves CNC Machines for their Rapid Production For those purpose study of CNC Programming is very, very essential for youth to develop their future. To develop the youth’s future, ”PRIM Institute of Technology” Conduct a CNC Programming Course with live machine practical for said above factor CNC Turning - Syllabus - Machine operating | Tool selection &tool setting | Part Programming | Trouble shooting | Work holder selection | Drawing symbols | Cutter radius compensation with imaginary tool direction. | Threading Cycle | Taper Threading | Drilling Cycle | Pattern Repeating Cycle | Tapping Cycle | Grooving Cycle | Multiple Thread Cutting | Scroll Thread Cutting | Multistart Thread. | Profile calculation | Advance Macro programming CNC Milling - Syllabus- (VMC/HMC) | Machine operating | Tool setting& Tool selection | Part Programming | Trouble shooting | Fixture selection | Drawing symbols | Thread milling | Plane selection | Advanced Macro Programming | Scaling | Rotating | Mirroring | Up Milling & Down Milling with Cutter Radius Compensation. | Data Input Setting. | Local Work Co-ordinates setting | Rigid Tapping. | Automatic Corner Over ride | Single directing Position

2.NDT (Non Destructive Testing)


  1. ◈ Ultrasonic Testing

  2. ◈ Magnetic Particle Testing

  3. ◈ Liquid Penetrant Testing

  4. ◈ Radiographic Testing

  5. ◈ Radiographic Test Film Interpretation

  6. ◈ Visual Training

  7. ◈ Eddy Current Testing

  8. ◈ Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

  9. ◈ Basic Radiation Safety



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